Ornamental seam for sewed articles.



v. Jl. VAN HORN. ORNAMENTAL- SBAM FOR SEWBD ARTICLES. APPLICATION FILED PBB.13.;1911. 1,100,509, Patented June 1a,- 1914 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. VANDIVER J. VAN HORN, OF CHICAGO, ILLNGIS, ASSIGNOR. TO y'UNICIN SPECIAL MACHINE COMPANY, OIF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CGRPORATIGN OF ILLINOIS. Specification of Letters atent. Patented June 16, 1914. Application filed February 13, 1911. Serial N o. $08,379. To au whom it may concern.' to the accompanying drawing and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon.' y f 'My invention relates to fnew and-useful improvements in lorntoerental seams for served articles. An object `ot invention is. toprovide 'a y:fabric "with ffplnralityo substantially parallel lines of stitelungend also an ornarme'ntal. thread formed into loops which are so-,disposed relativel to the lines of stitching stoforml an ornamental seam. In the drawings @Fgure l is a plan view vlla seanr'made' inaccordance with my ini "Fig: 2. is an enlarged diagram- "yention v matie new showing more clearly the con- .strnotidn of my seam. 'f V The fabric l is provided with a plurality oflines of stitching 2. and 3, which are substantially parallel throughout theextent of 'the seein. In Fig. 2 the needle punctures in v3.0 the line of stitching 2 are indicated at 4, While the needle punctures in the line of stitching 3 are indicated. at 5. y An ornamental thread 6, extends along` the line of stitching 3, and at intervals is formed into. loops 7, 7. The loops are similar in construction and pass underneath the thread 8 in the line of stitching 3 between consecutive needle punctures. The loop 7, extends-across the seam and underneath the thread 9, extending between consecutive needle punctures 4l, 4l. After being passed under the thread 9, said loop is bent as at l0, so to lie substantially parallel with 'theA line of stitching In the -present enibodirnent of my invention, said loop is opened out so as to receive two needle punctures 4L, 4, in the line of stitching 2. The length of the bent portion of the loop is somewhat shorter than the distance between the bases of the adjacent loops 7 7, so as to leave a space between the end oi the loop and the adjacent loop. A Having thus particularly described my invention, what I claim as new anddesire to secure by Letters'Patent is 1. An ornamental seam for sewed articles including a plurality of parallel lines of stitching, and an ornamental thread extend-- ing along one o'f said lines of stitching, said ornamental thread being formed into loops at intervals separated by a plurality of Stitches which loops extend from one line of stitching to another, said loops being bent at said last named line of stitching Where they are secured by said line of stitching. f 2. An ornamental seam for seWed articles, including` two parallel lines of stitching and an ornamental thread extending along one of said lines of stitching, said thread at intervals separated by a plurality of stitches being formed into loops passing under the thread mining consecutive needle punctures in one line of stitching` and under the thread joining consecutive needle punctures in the other line of stitching, said loops being bent at said last named line of stitchin to folloxy the lines of stitching'where tiey are secured by said line of stitching, the portion of the loops lying, in the line of stitching, being of less length than the distance between the bases of said loops, whereby a spaee'is formed between the end of the loop and the adjacent loop, In testimony `whereof I aiiix my signature, in presence of two Witnesses. VANDIVEBL J. VAN HORN. lVitnesses: y Groen N. B. Lowes,- EARL IMMEL.



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