A. MENDELSON & $.13. GOLDBERG. v CIGARETTE BOX. APPLICATION FILED 00T. 1913. Patented Jana 23, l. narran sra-ras .ri-trarre orricn., u .AARON MENDLSON ANT) SHEPARID J'. GOLDBERG, OF NEW YORK, N. Y. CGARETTE-BOX. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented une 23, 1914. Application filed ctober 4, 1913. Serial No. 793,414. To all whom it may concern; rette-Box. of which the following is a Jr'ull, clear, and exact description'. rlhis invention relates to cigarette boxes 'and more particularly to a box which may be constructed of pasteboard or metal, to form a neat and attractive article designed ior permanent use so that cigarettes may be removed from the ordinary boxes and placed within a serios of clamps or holdersI supported in a nox'elcmanner in the body of v'the box, wherebv al person or persons may reaily remove a single cigarette. i further object of the` invention is to provide a supporting member which is hinged in the body of the box and designed to normally move to' an upright position sa .ing drawings forming a part of this' speciliwhen the cover of the box is opened, the said supporting member carrying holders or clamps designed to more into spaced relation automatically'-upon'the opening of the box. f' 'With the above and other objects in View, the invention resides more particularly in the peculiar combination and arrangement of partsk which will be illustrated as a preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawings and described in the specification. Reference is t0 be had to the accompanycation, in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in "all the views, and in which- Figure l is a perspective'view of a cigarette box constructed in accordance with the invention, the same being shown in an open position withthe supporting members for the cigarettes in an upright position whereby the cigarettes may be removed; F ig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view o'f the devic in the position shown in F ig. l; and Fig. 3 is a plan View of the box with the supporting member moved into the body, the cover being broken away to show the arrangement of the part-s when the box is closed. I As shown, the box comprises a body 5 preferably having flat front and rear edge portions 6 and 7 and convened side edges 8 preferably formed by bending the bottom of the body upwardly. Hinged to the roar edge portion 7, as shown at t), is a cover l0 preferably having its marginal edges turned inwardly, as .shown at ll, and having downT wardly directed portions `adapted to snap into the arca of the body, while-a suitable snap l2 at the free edge ot' the cover is designed to retain the cover in a closed position by engagement with the inturned edge i3 oi' the part (i. A supporting member or plate ll is pivotally mounted in the body near the back portion of the latter, and forthis purpose the opposite sides of the body are provided 'with bearing portions or blocks lrmounted in the eoncaves of the edge portions-8 and designed to receive the ends et the pivot 16. 'l`he supporting member or plate ist is provided vvitlrspaccd end ears 1T pivotally cn-y gaged with the pivot or pintie 16, such ears being formed by severing the plate at spaced points to provide an intermedi-.ite extension iti which isdirccled downwardly and rcamvardly in angular relation to the plate propelso as to form a limiting ,mehr ber preventing the plate or supporting member from moving beyond right position, as is clearly shown in Fig. 2 or' the drawings. The plate. is normally sustained in this position by a pair of springs 19 around the pintle or pivot 1G beyond the endsl ol.z the supporting member or plate, and each spring is provided With a curved arm 2O bearing against the bottom of theA box body and with an angular arm 2l engaging the i'ront face ot the supporting member or plate, so that when the cover l0 is open said supporting member or plate will automatically move to an upright position. The utility of this structure and function is apparent, by vproviding a plurality of clamps or holders upon the supporting member or plate designed to 4hold the cigarettes at different elevations or in spacedrelation as shown. The holders or clamps, indicated by the numeral Q3, in the present instance are alternately fixed to or pivotcd with respect to the supporting member or plate llt near the lower edge of the latter, and each clamp or holder is made up of a single section or strip otl metal having a back portion Q4, a bottom portion 25 disposed at right angles thereto and a iront portion 2G bent upwardly in spaced relation to the back portion. The front and back portions are disposed in such position an' i up! .rio as to clamp a cigarette held therebetween, and in order to permit the cigarettes to readily enter the holders or clamps the upper edges of the front portions are bulged outmentality of rivets or the like 28' preferably bent to form integral ears 29 engagetl vated position, and'clamps carried by the engaged near the back portions of the holders, while the other holders or clamps are through transverse slots in the spporting member or plate and retained in position upon a pivot 31 so that While the first-mentioned holders are held in an up right position coinciding with that of the supporting member`or plate, the pivoted holders or clamps will move into inclined positions and thus dispose the cigarettes in spaced or staggered relation and at different elevations when the cover is open and the supporting member or plate is automatically moved by the springs to an upright position. Thus the device possesses advantages both in structure and utility, since the cigarettes will -not only be firmly held against accidental displacement but may be readily Withdrawn independently and Without fingering the other cigarettes in the box. Having thus described our invention, what we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. In a cigarette box, the combination With a box body and cover therefor; of a supporting plate pivoted in the box body, a plurality of cigarette holders carried by said plate, certain of said holders being rigid with the plate and others pivotedto swing in spaced relation thereto when the 'box is open, and means to move the supporting plate to a vertical position. 2. The combination with a box comprising a body portion and-a cover therefor; of a plate pivoted to the opposed sides of the box body, spring means normally elevating the plate at right angles to said body, meansito 8. The combination with a box comprising a body portion and a cover therefor; of a plate pivoted to the opposed sides of the box body, said plate having an angular extension adapted to contact with the bottom of the box body to limit the movement of the plate to an elevated position, spring means carried by the pivot of the plate and engaging the plate and body to hold said plate in an ele opposed sides of the plate in spaced rela-tion. 4. Thecombination with a cigarette box, a supporting plate carried therein and means adapted to move said plate into an accessible position when the box is open; of a plurality of cigarette holders carriedY by the plate,- said holders comprising single sections of material re-bent to provide spaced front and back portions and a bottomv portion, the upper ends of the front portion being bulged outwardly. 5. The combination with a cigarette box, a supporting plate carried therein and means to move the plate into accessible position when the box is o en; of a plurality of cigarette holders carried by the plate, said holders comprising singlesection's of material rebent to provi e spaced front and back portions and a bottom ortion, the upper ends ofthe front portion being bulged outwardly, the holders invalternate relation-being fixed l to and pivotally carried by the plate -whereby the cigarettes carried therein will be held adjacent to and in angular relation to the plate when the box is open and will move into alinement when the box is closed. In testimony whereof we have signed our namesto this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses. AARON MENDELSON. .SHEPARD J GOLDBERG. Witnesses: JOHN E. BURCH, PHILIP D. Romanos.



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