Knockdown washbowl.



H. H. HEGKMAN. KNOCKDOWN WASHBOWL. APPLICATION rum Arn.1.1a14. 1,121,597, Patented Dec.15,1914. JW M BY@ ATTORNEYS. HOMER H. BECKMAN, OF FREEPORT, ILLINOIS. KNOCKDO W N WASHIBOWL. Speccation of Letters Patent. Patented Dec. 15, 1914. Application filed April 1, 1914. Serial No. 828,768. To all 'whom it may concern Be it known that I, HoMEn H. HECKMAN, residing at Freeport, in the county .of Stephenson and btate of Illinois, have 1nvented certain new and useful Improvements in Knockdown Washbowls, of which thefollowing is a specification. My invention relates to certain improvements in knock down wash bowls, the purpose of which is to rovide a two part bowl which may be easi y knocked down for transportation and readily and securely assembled again for use. To such end the invention consists in certain novel features of construction which will be described in their preferred embodiment in the following specification and the essential characteristics of which will be pointed out in the claims at the end thereof. In the drawings Figure l is a plan view of awash bowl with the parts thereof assembled and firmly secured together in a water tight joint; Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section in the line 2-2 of liig. l; Fig. 3 is a detail section taken transversely of the joint to show one of the locking bolts and Fig. 4 is a detail view of a portionof one of the half sections of the bowl to illustrate the means by which the two sections are secured together. Referring to the drawings, A, B, are two sections, referably of equal size, divided by a joint, along which the two parts may be separated in knocking down the bowl. The sections are provided with downwardly extending iianges, a, between which a gasket, c, is intended to assist in making a water tight joint. The mange, a, has a series of perforations, one of which is seen at al, in which are secured clamping bolts, D, provided with nuts, (l. A washer, E, semiannular in form has corresponding perforations and is securely supported on said bolts. The flange Z) of the section B has slots, b1, corresponding in number and location to the bolts D and arranged with offsets, b2, at their inner ends. In putting the two parts of the bowl together the flange 7) is inserted between the. flange a and the washer E, the bolts D entering the slots b1. When the part B is crowded home a lateral movement brings the bolts into the oii'set b2 providing against danger of slippage when the bowl happens to be lifted by the part B. After the two parts are in position the nuts d are tightened upon the bolts, lirmly clamping the two halves upon the gasket c and effecting a water tight joint between them. I realize the possibility of more or less variation in the form and construction of the parts described herein and hence do not limit myself to the exact construction shown except as clearly defined in the following claims in which it is my intention to cover all of the patentable novelty contained in the invention over the prior art. I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent l. A knock down wash bowl comprising a section having a flange along the edge which is to join the next adjacent section, a series of bolts secured in said flange, a gasket upon the joining side of said flange supported by said bolts and a second section adapted to join therewith having a flange along its joining edge provided with a series of slots adapted to be slipped over said bolts whereby the two sections may be readily assembled and tightly joined together by means of said bolts. 2. A knock down wash bowl comprising a section having a flange along the edge which is to join the next adjacent section, a series ofbolts secured in said iiange, a gasket on the joining side of said liange held on said bolts, an annular washer held on said bolts beyond said gasket and a second section having a flange along its meeting edge provided with a series of slots arranged and adapted to be slipped over said bolts between the gasket and washer and tightly clamped between said parts by means of said bolts. 3. A knock down wash bowl comprising a section having a flange along its meeting edge, a series of bolts support-ed in said flange, a 0asket supported by said bolts in contact with the meeting surface of said flange, an annular washer supported by said bolts beyond the gasket and a second section also having a flange along its meeting edge above application for Letters Patent at Freeand a series of slots therein with offsets at port, Iliinois, this 30th day of March, A. D. either ends adapted to receive said bolts as 1914. the iange on the second section is sli ped HGMER H. HECKMAN. 5 between the gasket and the Washer o the Witnesses: first section. C. V. CHAPMAN, In witness whereof I have signed the ELIZABETH GEMMILL. Copie: of this patent may bc obtained for nvc cents each, by addressing `tho "Commissioner ot Patents, Washington, D. C."



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