Improvement in steaming attachments for kerosene-stoves

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  • Publication Date: March 21, 1871
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R.A B. MITCHELL. I Vapor Stove. Paented Mar. 21, 1871. N. PETERS. PHOTQLITMOGRAPIIER. WASNINGTDN. Dv cada site BOBBB'T B.v MITCHELL, on cn,1 ,oAeo,-`ILLIN0IS, A I etters Patent No. 112,948, dated March 21, 1871; antedated lliaroh 10, I IMPROVEMENT m sTEAMlNe ATTAcHMENTs Fon kERosENE-sT-ovss. i , The Schedule rei'erred'to in these Letters Patent'and making part of the same. I I, ROBERT BMITcBnLL, of Ghicago,in the county of (look and State of Illinois, have invented certain Improvements in Steaming Attachment for Kerosene-Stoves, of which the following is a specification. In stoves which burn kerosene or other oil as fuel it ishghly desirable that there' should be provision for utilizing all the heat and economizing space. My invention relates to an apparatus'to be attached to the lwater-reservoir, which is 'generally part of a kerosene-stove, and which, in some stoves of this class, is constructed to surround the chimneys of the l'amps or burners for the purpose of supplyingwarm water for'cooking and other purposes; and It consists of four pipes, in the form of a cross, havingat Vthe center a ball-valve lto insure -a safe and regular exhaust of steam into the openair. One of said pipesis connected to the boiler or heater; Aily done by inserting thereiuthe nozzles of the said iiexible tubes; or, it' desired, the said nozzles may b`e inserted in the vessel resting upon the frame-work, and all the steam conveyed and distributed in different` s the framework H and the ball valve J, substantially parts ofthe same vessel. In the drawing- Figure 1 is a plan view of my invention, and Figure 2, a transverse vertical central section of the same. . creased at a' small expense. ` The whole attachment may be very cheaply made, - A is the pipe communicating with the lwaterheater. y y B is the pipe connected to the vessel in which is placed the'food to be cooked by steam. O Dare the pipes to which are attached the ilexible tubes E E, made of rubber or other suitable material,andfurnished with nozzles F F. Gr G vGr are the several stop-cocks. H is the frame-workin support 4the cooking-vessel. J is a ball-valvew'vhich rests upon and closes by its Weight a countersink opening communicating directly with the pipes A B O D, at they center of the junction thereof. `This ball acts as a safety-valve, and is held in its place by the frame-Work H, which, immediately above saidball, is constructed with an opening surrounded by the ring h, which permits a slight play to the ball and at the same'time prevents -it from rolling oii. By my invention, aswill be readily se'en, the capacity of an ordinary kerosene-stove is greatly in: of ordinary gas-pipe, with van iron casting for the frame-work, and can be supplied by manufacturers to the public at a very low price.- Having thus' described my invention, I claim as an article of manufacture- 1. The steaming attachment above described, consisting of the pipes A B O D, fratncfwork H, flexible tubes E E, with theirnozzles F F, stop-.cocks G, 85o.,- and ball-valve J, all constructed, arranged, and operating substantially as described, and for the purpose specified. v 2. TheA combination of the tubes .AB` O-D withl as and for the purpose specied.- Witnesses: i ROBERT B. MITCHELL. J. W. Mummy, 1 Lnwrs L. OQBUBN.



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