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  • Publication Date: July 25, 1854
  • Publication Number: US-11367-A



A. GALE. Mowing Machine. ' Patented July 25, 1854. UNITED "STATES 'MOWING-MACHINE. Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 111,367, dated July 25, 1854. ing had to the drawings herewith presented, which drawings constitute a part of said description. Myimprovement consists, principally, in constructing the said machine with an additional wheel for the purpose of supporting the weight of the cutter-bar and cutters without dragging them on the stubble. (See the drawings.) Figure 1 represents a plan of the frame F and F, showing the carrying-wheel (J and its gears, showing also the wheel A as attached to the frame F by a stud or axle for the purpose of supporting the frame and cutter-bar above the ground to relieve the same from the friction usually caused by the weight of the cutter-bar and cutter side of the frame being pressed hard on the stubble. Iplace the wheel A close to the cutter side of the frame and a little back of the center of the wheel 0, near the center of gravity,so that when the machine is pressed back on turning round, or when the rider leans back on the seat, the cutters are raised from the ground, the tongue having play enough to allow the frame to tilt a little back. By this means I am enabled to work my machine with much less power than what is required to do the same work with machines constructed in the common way. Fig. 2 shows the elevation of the same. Fig. 3 is a section of the wheel A. . The principal parts of the machine need not differ from the ordinary construction. It will not therefore be necessary to give a particular description of them. I do not claim theinvention of wheels, shafts, or any of the parts, of themselves, but only the combination of them for the purpose and in the manner described, so as to lift the cutter-bar clear of the ground by backing the team and bringit down to its place by drawing forward. What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letlers Patent, is- The wheel A, as above described, when soconstructed and combined with the frame of a mowing-machine as to support the cutter-bar clear of the ground when pushed back and lower it to its place when drawn forward. In testimony whereof 1 hereto subscribe my name in presence of two witnesses. ALANSON GALE. Witnesses: JOHN L. SMITH, AZA ARNOLD.



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