Improvement in milking-stools

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  • Publication Date: April 18, 1871
  • Publication Number: US-113806-A



H anni eine femm @mit GEORGE SMITH, OE ROOHESTEE, NEW YORK. Letters PatentNo. 113,806, dated April v18, 1871. IMPROVEMENT IN MlLKlNG-STOOLS. The Schedule referred t'o ln theseLettexs Patent and making part of the same. To all whom, it may concern Be it known that I, GEORGE SMITH, of Rochester, in the 'county of Monroe and State of New York, have invented a new and improved Milking-Stool; and I do` hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference heilig had to the accompanying drawing making part of this specification, in which- Figure lis a perspective view of my improved stool, showing a milk-bucket applied thereto. Figure 2 is a top view of the stool and its supporting-yoke. Similar letters of' reference indicate .corresponding parts in theseveral gures. The object of this invention is to improve the milking-stool which is described in the schedule annexed to my Letters Patent ynumbered 109,847, by the employment of a yielding hoop or yoke in combination with hooks upon the top of the stool, whereby the yoke is iirmly held when applied to the stool, and whereby the diameter ot' the yoke can be enlarged or diminished to adapt it for .supporting buckets of different sizes, as will be hereinafter explained. -To enable others skilled in the art to understand my invention, I will explain its construction and operation.v In the accompanying drawing- A represents a stool top, which is mounted ou legs B, and which has one end curved out, as shown clearly in iig. 2, to receive against it the convex side of a pail or bucket, C. On the upper sui-face of the top of the stool, near that end which is curved ont as above described, a number of hooks, c c, are inserted and arranged in two rows in the ares of circles. These hooks serve as means for holding firmly in place a-iiexible yoke or supporting-hoop, I), the ends e e of which are straightened out and terminated by hooks ,ef e. This yOkeD is preferably made of spring metal, so that when it is compressed and its ends adjusted between the hooks a a on the stool top, as shown in the drawing, its tendency to recoil will keep the ends e e in place beneath the retaining-hooks When the yoke D is thus held the hookse e on the extremities of its straight portions will prevent the latter from vheing drawn out of their places endwise. In the drawing I have represented three sets of hooks, a, which are so arranged that they are adapted for holding the yoke D when adjusted for iive different diameters of pails; but it is obvious that agreater or lesser number of hooks may be employed without departing from my invention. It will be seen from the above description that tbe yoke D, when applied to the hooks a, will be firmly eld, and will embrace and afford a good support for a pail, C; also that theyoke can be readily made` substantially as described. ' GEORGE SMITH. Witnesses J.'N. CAMPBELL, EDM. F. BROWN.



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